Mourning Edition #1: A Free Adventure for Cyberpunk Red

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![01fbc41c2a6f42bca30395e7bc5af990.webp](/static/img/mm/artflow/screamsheets/1/01fbc41c2a6f42bca30395e7bc5af990.webp) Mourning Edition is a free adventure series for Cyberpunk Red. The screamsheet is published by independent cyberpunks, for a general audience, trending towards those living on or near the street. The adventure content is heavily RP-dependent and focuses on street-level play and finding ways to do a little bit of good instead of just blowing everyone's brains out on sight. I've always loved the Screamsheet format, and Cyberpunk Red has brought it back. Here is my first homemade Screamsheet from a news zine I've named "Mourning Edition" -- it contains a low-level adventure with the potential for big (temporary) gains and a lot of fun. It also has the potential to introduce three new characters to the crew, if you're looking for a way to bring in new players. And (as is my tendency) the adventure offers a chance to do a little bit of good... As is also my tendency, the content is more gutterpunk than edgerunner, which I feel is more authentically Cyberpunk, especially for a starting adventure or the beginning of a campaign... [Get it here! (PDF)](/static/pdfs/Mourning-Edition-1-full.pdf)

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