Mourning Edition #2: A Free Adventure for Cyberpunk Red about Music Therapy!

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![6c5bf2b2a03546229532e1f45fb0fd47.webp](/static/img/mm/artflow/entertainment/6c5bf2b2a03546229532e1f45fb0fd47.webp) Mourning Edition is a free adventure series for Cyberpunk Red. The screamsheet is published by independent cyberpunks, for a general audience, trending towards those living on or near the street. The adventure content is heavily RP-dependent and focuses on street-level play and finding ways to do a little bit of good instead of just blowing everyone's brains out on sight. I'm on a roll! This screamsheet series has just become an ongoing campaign, with the story continuing in Mourning Edition #2. I may have gotten a little bit of Steven Universe in your Cyberpunk. I'm not sorry. [Get the PDF here.](/static/pdfs/Mourning-Edition-2-full.pdf) Sometimes the peaceful option is the best option, and sometimes the reward for playing is letting your GM get you in the feels. As I said when publishing part 1, this is a gutterpunk level campaign, but of course the PC's will be able to gradually work their way up the social ladder and maybe become edgerunners someday. My goal is to show players how they can get maximum enjoyment out of the street-level version of Cyberpunk. I hope you like it!

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