Mourning Edition #3-1 & #3-2: Free Adventures for Cyberpunk Red

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![dancing.png](/static/img/mm/artflow/screamsheets/3/dancing.png) Mourning Edition is a free adventure series for Cyberpunk Red. The screamsheet is published by independent cyberpunks, for a general audience, trending towards those living on or near the street. The adventure content is heavily RP-dependent and focuses on street-level play and finding ways to do a little bit of good instead of just blowing everyone's brains out on sight. The series continues with branching possibilities for the third issue. I'll publish each part of Mourning Edition #3 as it's completed, and update this post to include all three of its branching paths. The second adventure in the series, "Her Biggest Fan", has three main possible outcomes. The best possible ending leads to another opportunity to increase the PC's Reputation, by playing as security and entertainment at a major local band's afterparty. Here, they'll get the chance to schmooze with other street-level movers and shakers, and maybe have another run-in with the potential cyberpsycho from adventure #2. Best of all, any Rockers/Medias in the crew will have an opportunity to impress an exclusive crowd of local influencers using whatever kind of material they're good at making. [Get Mourning Edition 3-1 here! (PDF)](/static/pdfs/Mourning-Edition-3-1-full.pdf) If the PC's did good at the show but not enough to get the band's attention, a Media will track them down for an interview. The interview pays next to nothing, but the interviewer can also do the PC's a favor -- introducing them to a new Fixer, and/or setting them up with a selection of fairly lucrative gigs. [Get Mourning Edition 3-2 here! (PDF)](/static/pdfs/Mourning-Edition-3-2-full.pdf)

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