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![swept-away-time-warp-1.jpg](/static/img/mm/time/swept-away-time-warp-1.jpg) Since being judged disabled and getting housing assistance a couple years ago, life has been reasonably stable. Before that, I was technically homeless, and before that, I was really homeless, and before that, I struggled my whole life to be stable at anything. So first and foremost, I'm exercising that part of my brain: the part that sticks with things and finishes them. The part of me that can conceive of repeated tasks or permanent choices, as part of an acceptable lifestyle. But this isn't a biography. This is my first project update! Since the end of the Great Rocket League Addiction a few months ago, I've been coding.

### The Game Engine I wanted a game project in my life so I bit off a huge one: I'm making a MOO. MOO stands for **M**ulti User Dungeon that's **O**bject **O**riented. Think of it like a text adventure, where you read descriptions and write commands to play. Except that under the hood, it's open world, and multiplayer. Under the hood will be the Cyberpunk Red tabletop RPG system. Give me about 5-6 years for an alpha test. This is a big project. Things that are done include: - map creation for admins, and traversal for players - working features such as door locks that operate both by switch and optional key - looking at the neighboring areas - looking at objects and people - character creation is about 50% done - full Lifepath system - Streetrat character generation is 99% done; all that remains to do is gear shopping - all gear is data-entered but needs multiple descriptions per object, this will take a while - basically, this website started as an alternate project to help me avoid burning out on writing gear descriptions - working prototype of the "multiplayer+" approach - every discord server that runs this bot, shares one game world - when a player takes an action that is visible or audible, nearby players are notified - in-person communication commands like whisper, say, yell, and scream - telephones and cell phones (but so far they only support the phone features, not texting or apps) - other basics - character sheet - modular inventory allowing two views of the player inventory, the inventory of bags, of the room the player's in, and more to come (such as furniture items with inventories) - content creation shortcuts such as cloning a location and its sublocations (e.g., an apartment and its rooms) ### And then there's this website. As I said, I took a break from the game engine, which I worked on daily for about 2 months, by launching this website. It's a standalone Node.js server (with Express.js, of course, because it's a webserver, and running Pug for a template engine). No Bootstrap, no React or Angular or Vue, Just good old JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (and jQuery, of course). I've been working on it for about a week at this point. It does: - article entry with tags and an option for whether the article should be featured - a media manager to compose Markdown-formatted image code via point-n-click - relevance-weighted search (the most relevant articles come to the top of the search results) - a featureful search autocomplete, unfortunately you have to click the button to send the search request... for now...? *and possibly forever* - admin pages for editing title, meta keywords, and meta description of each blogroll page - keywords and description are auto-generated for articles using tags and intro text - a one-click feature to copy the URL of an article -- the universal way to share - user options, available after registration and login - gravatar for the user's avatar ### Moderator of JavaScript Mastery discord I've also been helping out on the JavaScript Mastery discord server. Thanks to my volunteer time, helping people learn JavaScript through those learning pains called bugs, I've become a moderator. So that's cool. ### In Conclusion I'm in my comfort zone -- I have a lot going on, I'm being both generous and selfish with my time, and it's paying off. Wish me luck! I just want to figure out how stable I am, now that I've been on medication for something like 3 years. Oh, and you know, I'd also like to build a more varied and useful life for myself. Maybe even become more stable than I've ever been, and then provide for myself again someday? Only time will tell.
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About the author of this piece, AstroMacGuffin: "I enjoy coding in Node.js and JavaScript as a hobby. I find Node.js to be a welcome escape, after a lifetime of code, with previous experience with PHP and JavaScript on the LAMP stack. I'm one of those people who spends way too much time herding electric sheep in front of a computer. You can find me on the JavaScript Mastery discord, where I'm a moderator, or on the Classic Shadowrun discord, where I'm the owner and founder. "

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