What I'm Doing With My Time

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![swept-away-time-warp-1.jpg](/static/img/mm/time/swept-away-time-warp-1.jpg) Since being judged disabled and getting housing assistance a couple years ago, life has been reasonably stable. Before that, I was technically homeless, and before that, I was really homeless, and before that, I struggled my whole life to be stable at anything. So first and foremost, I'm exercising that part of my brain: the part that sticks with things and finishes them. The part of me that can conceive of repeated tasks or permanent choices, as part of an acceptable lifestyle. But this isn't a biography. This is my first project update! Since the end of the Great Rocket League Addiction a few months ago, I've been coding.


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