GameBot v0.3 is Live: The Shadowrun 1st-3rd Edition Discord Bot Gets an Overhaul

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![Classic Shadowrun Discord bot gets a version bump and stuff](/static/img/mm/data/network-ge29fb26d8_1280.jpg) The timing was pure luck: Discord started enforcing new rules for bots the day after I started overhauling GameBot. (This resulted in about 12-24 hours where the bot was non-responsive.) The overhaul took 3 days worth of overtime hours, but version 0.3 is now live. At a glance: - The hourglass reaction will plague you no more: Google Drive is no longer the data provider for the bot. - Instead, data is saved to a database which is hosted on the same machine as the bot itself. - For those of you self-hosting, there is a data migration script. - With the exception of scenes, I got 100% data fidelity after migration (and I may cook up a solution for the scenes). - It was trivial to fix the scenes data manually -- only one person had used the scenes feature thus far anyway. - So many bug fixes. Why were there so many bugs? This was my first project after several years of not writing code. Known Issues: - The bot has occasional downtime. I'm temporarily hosting the bot at home, and we have power outages more often than I'd like. - The admin functions in `admin.js` haven't been rewritten yet, except to ensure `!showcache` and `!clearcache` work. Some or all of the other admin functions will be removed as unnecessary. [If you haven't already, you can invite the bot to your server by clicking here.](https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=609274260007026689&scope=bot&permissions=3136) Read on for more details and my plans for the future.


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