Converting Lunar: Eternal Blue to PAL - Work In Progress

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By Xhojn dated  last updated 
![Welcome to the madness that is hacking the music for Lunar: Eternal Blue](/static/img/mm/gaming/38169541_s.jpg) Before delving into the pit of madness, I should give some background context. I really enjoy playing RPGs, they are one of my favourite genres of games (it's just a pity they take so long to complete). I’m mostly interested in playing retro ones, though I will dabble with some newer ones on occasion. Over the last couple of years, I have pulled out my old Mega Drive (Sega Genesis for my American/Canadian cousins). Thanks to a Christmas bonus almost two years ago, I bought a Mega CD (Sega CD). With my new CD-based add-on, I wanted to see what games were available -- so straight to YouTube I go, looking for top ten lists. Sadly, there are a bunch of games that were never released in the PAL territory (Europe and Australia). Through the wonders of being in the future, there are options for getting around this. One popular method is to mod the console to not only play imports, but also to run at 60Hz (retro NSTC/Japan games run at 60Hz, but PAL ran at 50Hz….it’s a long story). I would've needed to mod my Mega Drive as well as my Mega CD, and I didn’t have the heart to do that. Plan B! There are people who mod the games so they will run on PAL consoles instead! There is one game, though, that hasn’t been converted, and that is Lunar: Eternal Blue (which will be shortened to "Lunar" for the rest of this post).


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