ConcisionRun: The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Shadowrun 1st Edition (Core Rules Only)

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![ConcisionRun - helping you survive the mean streets since 2020](/static/img/mm/cyberpunk/streets-g234df07df_1280.jpg) I've been sick for a week, so here's a low-effort post spotlighting something I did years ago but am still proud of. I call it ["ConcisionRun" -- it's a concise rewrite of the rules for 1st Edition Shadowrun](/static/pdf/__ConcisionRun-0_1-(2022-09-18).pdf). It's been stuck at version 0.1 all its life, partly because I like conservative version numbers, and partly because I got it done in one big push and have barely made any revisions to it since. It's just 40 pages long, broken down as: - 7 pages of core mechanics, game loop suggestions, and lore - 4 pages for character creation - 9 pages for combat including vehicle combat - 12 pages for the magic chapter - 7 pages explaining the matrix and decking rules Features include: - art from independent artists (used in accordance with their Creative Commons licenses) - PDF bookmarks to help you find what you need - searchable (obviously) - core book page number references for anything omitted or benefitting from further explanation - color coded per chapter - table of contents at the beginning of each chapter I've been told numerous times by members of the [Classic Shadowrun discord](https://discord.gg/HBDPU6k) that it's helped people rope their friends into trying first edition Shadowrun. Of course, it's free, but you still need the core rules to play.


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