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Converting Sega CD's Lunar The Silver Star to PAL (with the Un-Working Design Patch)

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By Xhojn dated  last updated 
PAL regions never got the Lunar games, except when available through repro companies. But now the first is again available, but this time with the fan patch 'Un-Working Design'! PAL Mega CD owners (Sega CD to US owners) missed out on some great games, including two of the must-own JRPGs: Lunar: The Silver Star, and it's sequel, Lunar: Eternal Blue! Some repro companies in the UK had already converted the US release of the game to run on PAL systems. One thing that needs to be noted is that due to PAL TV sets running at 50Hz instead of Japan and America's 60Hz meant that games in our region had to be made to sync properly. In other words if you did nothing than the cutscenes in the game would be playing quicker than the CD audio. I've tried the two most popular repro providers in the UK, one didn't alter the music and another did but my Mega CD struggled to play it and I tried it on my PC I found that most of the tracks were inaudible. The latter could be a result of potential scratching of the disk as there were some weird noises coming from my Mega CD, but disks I burned never had any issues being read.


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