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The Tithe System - A Way for Player Characters to Meet Each Other

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By Xhojn dated  last updated 
![RedHandofDoomRPGCover.jpg](/static/img/mm/xhojn/RedHandofDoomRPGCover/RedHandofDoomRPGCover.jpg) My latest D&D campaign wrapped up this week, and it was a conversion of the 3.5 edition classic Red Hand of Doom. The book’s recommended way of having the adventure start is for the party, while on the road to the first town of interest, to be attacked by hobgoblins -- so the players get to start the action right away. For my campaign though, I decided to try something a bit different, which one of my players has said he has also used for one of the games he runs -- which is why I thought I would talk about it here.


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