Series: "How to Code: The Fundamentals"

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This is just an easier way to find the articles, in order: - [Lesson 0: Orientation & Absolute Basics](https://astromacguffin.com/ref/id/62ee85c9ae620ee833fd88b7) - [Lesson 1: Control Flow, Scope, Variables, Types, & Functions](https://astromacguffin.com/ref/id/62ebac50209885383e63d856) - [Lesson 2: Async/await, Objects & Classes](https://astromacguffin.com/ref/id/62ec1c6a209885383e63d857) - [Lesson 3: Data Structures & Loops](https://astromacguffin.com/ref/id/62f27794719797d9d45be421) - [Lesson 4: Checkpoint Project: Logic & Workflow Basics](https://astromacguffin.com/ref/id/6309fb281b7ad5122a6e6aea) More to come!

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About the author of this piece, AstroMacGuffin: "I enjoy coding in Node.js and JavaScript as a hobby. I find Node.js to be a welcome escape, after a lifetime of code, with previous experience with PHP and JavaScript on the LAMP stack. I'm one of those people who spends way too much time herding electric sheep in front of a computer. You can find me on the JavaScript Mastery discord, where I'm a moderator, or on the Classic Shadowrun discord, where I'm the owner and founder. "

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