Unfinished Pixel RPG Platform using webGL via PIXI

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![toybox-pixel-rpg-platform.png](/static/img/mm/toybox-pixel-rpg-platform.png) A few years ago, I launched into creating a pixel-based RPG from scratch by myself. Three months later, I had an interesting code base with a lot of functionality, but not a whole game platform by any stretch. Not even a demo. Just a toy that I had made myself. If you're curious, bust out your favorite gamepad (or at least your favorite gamepad that connects to your computer), open the JavaScript console, and join me on a nostalgic trip to my first attempt at a game engine... For security reasons I haven't enabled the load and save functionality, which would have allowed anyone and everyone to edit a JSON-formatted alternate map. I'm not ready to expose something like that to the public, but you can look at this little thing I made.


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