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How to Code: The Fundamentals, pt 0

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By AstroMacGuffin dated  last updated 
![reading-rainbow-doctor-who-crossover.jpg](/static/img/mm/time/reading-rainbow-doctor-who-crossover.jpg) With parts 1 and 2 of this series already out, I now realize I skipped a few topics crucial to many students. Things like: - how to run JavaScript code, - how to find bugs in JavaScript code, - what is Node.js, - what's the difference between Node.js and JavaScript, - what editor should I use to code in JavaScript, - what is HTML, - what is DOM, - what is an NPM package, - etc This post is for beginners, and those whose experience mainly consists of jumping in too deep with not enough fundamental knowledge. Let's get you sorted on the bare beginnings of how to code in JavaScript.


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